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Special Services Staff

Mr. Ernesto Manriquez                                                                                                                                                                   Director of Special Services                                                                                                                emanriquez@sbcisd.net                                                                                                                                                            Ph: (956) 361-6221

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Mrs. Sylvia C. Garcia                                                                                                                                                              Special Education Coordinator                                                                                                                scgarcia@sbcisd.net                                                                                                                                                                  Ph: (956) 361-6221

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Special Services Office Staff:

office staff


Case Management Clerk: Melissa Jaramillo

SHARS Coordinator: Mari Gonzales

Office Manager: Rose Mary Lopez

Receptionist: Esmeralda Garza

PEIMS: Emilia Garcia

(left to right)


Diagnosticians/Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSPs):


Monica Champion, Mary Jane Kellogg (front row left to right )

Melissa De Leon, Larissa Rivas-Leal, Miriam Lette,

Amy Tobias (LSSP), Herlinda Serrata (LSSP), Candy Carrizales, Robin Buddle (Section 504)  (back row left to right)


Speech Language Pathologists/Speech Language Pathologist Assistants:


Speech Language Pathologists: Velma De Leon, Mary Means,  Rebecca Cavazos,  Stephanie Ramirez, Jannette Richmond-Gaytan  (left to right)


Speech Language Pathologist Assistants:  Celina Solis, Armanda Hartley, Melanie Murillo, Miriam Agado, Amy Garcia (left to right)

SUPPORT SERVICES                                                                                         

Special Olympics /Adaptive P.E.

Adaptive PE 2017

Rick Tamez and Ruben Reza (left to right)


Austism, Behavior and VI 2017

Autism Specialist: Amelia Mendoza

Behavior Strategist: Frank Del Angel

Visually Impaired Teacher: Imelda Gamez

(left to right)


AT-Technology 2017

Technology Support : Nick Garza

Assistive Technology Specialist: Cindy Puente

(left to right)

Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapist: Bettina Cisneros and Amanda Gonzales

COTA: Jessica Lara (left to right)

View Occupational Therapy Brochure pdf


 Homebound Teachers

 Homebound 2017

Special Education Homebound: Edward Reza and Johnny Garza

PRS/Gen. Ed. Homebound: Belinda Perez


Section 504/Dyslexia Department                                                                                                  

504 Diagnostician/Dyslexia: Robin Buddle

 Reading Interventionists/Dyslexia:

SAM_0371 (3)

Meagan Pena, Elia Cantu (front row left to right)

Jennifer Esparza, Jo Ann Rendon,  Martha Mena, Anaiz Vielma-Sosa (back row left to right)


Organizational Chart: